Telekom to Bring Smart Energy Metering to Albania

As one of Europe’s leading technology companies, Deutsche Telekom is helping countries find innovative solutions to some of the most crucial questions they face today.

Electricity consumption is a big issue in Albania, which is why we want to support the Albanian government’s plans to modernize the nation’s energy sector. To that end, Deutsche Telekom will soon start a smart metering pilot project in the emerging economy on the Adriatic as Claudia Nemat, Telekom board member for Europe and technology, announced during her recent visit to Tirana. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has asked DT to install smart electricity meters in the capital to help curb abuse and ensure that Albanians only pay for the electricity they themselves use.

Deutsche Telekom is present in Albania via Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) and this project positions the company as a key player for ICT solutions in Southeastern Europe.

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