Slovakia goes all-IP

Slovak Telekom is the second Deutsche Telekom subsidiary to switch to All-IP, following Makedonski Telekom in Macedonia

Our vision is a pan-European network based on Internet Protocol (IP). No more multiple technologies for different services across several countries. We want to integrate mobile and fixed-line network technology and create a new cloud-based production model.

Slovak Telekom now celebrates becoming part of Deutsche Telekom’s all-IP family after its entire customer base was successfully migrated to the new network. By replacing the old PSTN-based technology, the time to market for new products and services will be significantly reduced. IP, in fact, will help realize such launches in a matter of days!

How will business customers in Slovakia benefit? The most visible improvements will be faster service delivery and increased broadband coverage, as well as a higher quality of service with more options and better network management. As a small or medium-sized business you can already benefit from our first all IP-based product: the Deutsche Telekom CloudVPN!

For more information about Slovakia going all-IP please click here.

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