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Deutsche Telekom launches new VPN Cloud Service for SMB’s in Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia

If you are part of a small or medium sized business, you might have already realized that managing secure communication within your company is not always easy, let alone secure. But nowadays, the changing working environment calls for a possibility to easily and securely access all your important company data from wherever you are.

Luckily, these possibilities are now emerging faster than ever, such as ‘Cloud VPN’: This recent service of Deutsche Telekom is the first commercial product delivered from the new pan-European network, where network functions are virtualized and orchestrated across different data centers. It focuses especially on security and flexibility when managing sensitive data. With Cloud VPN, you can easily and securely access important data from anywhere and so can all your branch offices and remote users. They are all protected by the same strong security mechanisms. Only traffic allowed by your security policies can enter your network. Your secure network can be set up automatically with just a few clicks, customized to your company size, with a flexible selection of speed and the desired level of security.

This high level of security is provided by Cisco® virtual security appliances, combined with Deutsche Telekom’s OpenStack solutions. Simple self-service management features will help you to adjust the service according to your needs. Basically, you are put in the role of a flexible supervisor and can monitor and control the usage and performance of all your locations.

To enable this level of simplicity, flexibility and automation, we are currently building and extending the Pan-European network to serve customers in different national companies. By doing so, we combine technologies such as network function virtualization and software defined networking with a centralized production. For now, three of ten countries have been connected: Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia can now draw products from a standardized platform. During the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, our CEO Tim Hoettges announced that we are the first multinational telecommunications company making use of the synergies that evolve when national companies work together. This is also what B2B Europe is about – the successful digitization of Europe.

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  • Author: Jens Hartmann
  • Title: Member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer Business
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