A new pan-European network by Deutsche Telekom

Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia are already all set: they are the first three countries that have been connected to Deutsche Telekom Group’s new state-of-the-art cross-national IP network.

Initiated in 2013, the successive transformation of the Group’s infrastructure will lead to a centrally controlled IP network throughout Europe by 2018. DT Group will invest more than EUR 6 billion in Europe-wide network expansion through 2018. Think globally, act locally is the motto. There is a central portfolio framework from which our national companies are able to generate individual offers tuned to the respective region. Remember, when a distinct production site was needed in every country for every service? A thing of the past. Following Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, seven additional countries will be connected to the pan-European network step by step over the coming years. For CEE region this means: the future belongs to standardized products on a consistent platform – for example to the Deutsche Telekom Cloud VPN.

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