Go for gold, Telekom Romania!

In the fast lane: Our subsidiary in Romania has been awarded the “Cisco Cloud Powered Service Certification” for its IaaS services and also become a VCE Gold Partner.

The biggest player in Romania offering Cloud services is … Telekom Romania. The company delivers to its customers – from small and medium enterprises to large companies including organizations with complex infrastructure needs – state of the art “IaaS”, or infrastructure as a service, powering their businesses. The quality and reliability of the Cloud services of Telekom Romania is now certified: As the first provider in Romania and among the first in South-Eastern Europe Telekom Romania received the “Cisco Cloud Powered Service Certification” for its IaaS services. This certification provides a key external award of Telekom Romania’s enterprise cloud and its solutions confirming with it Deutsche Telekom Group’s outstanding capabilities in the region.

That being exciting as it is, but there is even more: Telekom Romania has also become a gold-level service provider and systems integrating partner in the VCETM Partner Program. That means that Telekom Romania is able to take full advantage of VCE VblockTM Systems that offer the most advanced converged infrastructure. By bringing together storage, networking and servers, VCE VblockTM Systems help to simplify IT and build more flexible IT infrastructures. This is great news for our business customers, as Telekom Romania will deploy VCE VblockTM Systems as a platform for its own cloud computing services, as well as for enterprise customers’ projects.

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