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In May, Deutsche Telekom acquired the remaining 49 percent of Slovak Telekom for €900 million. Let’s take a closer look at our subsidiary in Bratislava and its B2B plans for the future.

Slovak Telekom is a leader in the Slovak ICT market, and the country’s leading telecom operator: Number one in the fixed, cloud and Pay-TV segments. It is also in a strong number two position in the mobile segment, having already introduced MagentaOne converged fixed-mobile services and offering an all-IP network as the second Deutsche Telekom subsidiary after Macedonia.

But there is even more: Our subsidiary in Slovakia is one of the biggest data center providers, with a 20 percent market share in capacity used for customers. It is also one of the biggest players in infrastructure-as-a-service and virtual servers, as well as the biggest communication-as-a-service provider in Slovakia.

Working from such an excellent base, there are plans for further development and investment in the Slovak ICT market and especially targeting our business customers there. At the moment, Slovak Telekom offers its local business customers managed solutions, cloud solutions, customer-tailored applications and solution implementations.

But the ICT market and technologies are changing rapidly. The future lies in big data, cloud, M2M, insurance and financial services, security services, health services, and e-commerce services – just to name a few of the possibilities. Slovak Telekom aims to focus on these topics, growing and offering them to its customers by matching their segment, size and needs.


Ivan Skender, Head of Cloud/ICT and B2B Marketing at Slovak Telekom

Ivan Skender, Head of Cloud/ICT and B2B Marketing at Slovak Telekom, explains the company’s plans in this area:

“Slovak Telekom has the ambition to digitalize Slovak businesses. The emphasis will be placed especially on small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB). We will invest in secure and affordable cloud and ICT services and solutions for SMB companies. Being their one-stop–shop, we will help them prepare for the digital future, grow online and eventually enter global markets. Security, network, devices and data: These are the key attributes for Slovak SMBs to grow and internationalize their businesses. And they recognize Deutsche Telekom as a trusted advisor to achieve this. Now, with Slovak Telekom 100 percent under Deutsche Telekom’s roof, our business customers in Slovakia can rely on that more than ever.”

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