Big Data: 5 facts that will surprise you

Estimates show that large companies with at least 10,000 employees store an average of 200 terabytes in data – and that figure climbs daily. That’s more data than all the information that was produced by humanity up to the 21st century. Big Data indeed!

But the question on every manager’s mind is how to get the most out of that information. Following five fundamental business rules can help corral any company’s Big Data.

Collected information is useless without effective data analysis solutions that accelerate information processing, enable successful evaluation and lead to effective business decisions. Handled correctly, Big Data represents boundless opportunities and a doorway to increased customer satisfaction.

Big Data’s potential is so great that it may completely alter today’s business models within just a few years. Managers must understand the evolution of this trend, as well as its influence on the structure and business model of their company.

Already know everything there is to know about Big Data? Think again. Learn the five fundamental business rules that define the essence of Big Data here.

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