Strategic ICT DT Partnerships: The Importance of Cooperation

Developing in-house ideas and innovations is a core part of our identity at Deutsche Telekom. But we know we can only take full advantage of our opportunities by working together with successful partners.

Our partnerships with leading global technology players enable us to give our corporate and business customers the best telco and ICT solutions with outstanding service. We work with partners on a local level, but also on a regional, European scale. Together we can achieve more, which is why we want to introduce to you a few selected partners – and show you exactly how our cooperation benefits your business.

Let’s start with Cisco, because we pursue the most successful ICT partnership with them. Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking, offering solutions that transform the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Both Cisco and Deutsche Telekom offer only the highest quality services and products, and this partnership allows us to combine expertise in cloud solutions, security, and networking. But there’s more to it: Cisco offers regular trainings for our sales teams in the CEE region which give us a better understanding of their technology and enable us to improve our customer service.

A recent example of our joint activities is the launch of CloudNET in Slovakia, an innovative, cloud-based network management system based on the Cisco Meraki technology and Slovak Telekom professional services. Another example is CloudVPN, jointly developed and launched at this year’s Mobile World Congress, it represents a fully secured, automated and self-service managed solution for SMB customers.

In practice this means that our business customers receive Cisco-based DT cloud and managed services and hardware from just one source. The result of our successful partnership with Cisco: Our subsidiaries in Romania, Croatia and Poland obtained the “Cisco Cloud Powered Service” certification for their IaaS services! This certification guarantees the quality and reliability of our ICT solutions – just what our customers are looking for when it comes to their businesses.

Always seeking to offer the best in cloud, security and networking services, we are partnering with various other leading-edge technology companies, including Hitachi, Oracle, and Microsoft. These worldwide leaders in software, services, devices and solutions help people and businesses to realize their full potential.

Our strategic partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer cutting-edge messaging and collaboration services, including Office 365 and OneDrive for business for the SOHO/SMB segment as well as Microsoft Lumia, in all 12 European countries Deutsche Telekom is presented in. The agreement includes a joint international marketing campaign spanning advertising, sales support and training, custom application development and experiential activities, tailored towards the relevant markets.

We should also highlight a third strategic partnership: VCE, a joint venture of Cisco, EMC and Intel. VCE offers integrated infrastructure for cloud computing. Telekom Romania, for example, uses the VCE Vblock Systems at its hosted data centre to provide cloud services to enterprise customers needing infrastructure as a service, as well as virtual and private servers. We also offer customized solutions for different applications such as VDI, backup as a service or cloud storage. Telekom Romania was recently rewarded for its efforts, becoming a gold-level service provider and systems-integrating partner in the VCE Partner Program.

This is what our partnerships are about: Providing best in-class services enabling our customers to run and grow their businesses.

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