Our New B2B Europe Website

B2B Europe is excited to announce the launch of our new business solutions website: www.b2b-europe.telekom.com! Get an overview of our integrated fixed, mobile and ICT portfolio across the CEE region or simply browse through our growing number of cross-border success stories featuring a variety of customers.

As your trusted provider for all Telco and ICT needs in Central and Eastern Europe, we aim for our new website to provide an easy way to learn about us from a comprehensive angle: What we do as well as what others say about us.  Key information for you is now always at your fingertips. Visit us online and learn how our strong local and cross-border capabilities and extensive network coverage across most European countries can help your business grow.

The new website is the latest benefit from the merger between Deutsche Telekom and GTS Central Europe, which was finalized in June 2014. Deutsche Telekom is now more visible as a one-stop-shop provider of converged fixed, mobile and ICT services in the CEE region. The new website is also the perfect addition to our European business blog!

If you are a business or multinational corporation looking for cross-border solutions, please visit us!  We’re looking forward to meeting you there!


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