M2M solutions in Transport and Logistics meet Euroscan

Millions of goods are moved each day by road, rail, and sea. In the process, the top priority is for the goods to reach customers on time and intact. This is also crucial for Euroscan, the global market leader in the field of mobile temperature recording. Therefore, T-Mobile Austria (TMA) offers a solution that allows logistics companies like Euroscan to transport their freight safely thanks to real-time quality monitoring. The basis of this solution is TMA’s global connectivity and machine-to-machine management platform.

According to the International Council On Clean Transportation, more than 36 million light to heavy commercial vehicles traveled on European roads in 2015. These vehicles – and the companies that own and dispatch them – are responsible for delivering goods all over the continent. Their freight is often transported over long distances, for many hours or even days. The successful delivery of goods comes with several challenges that need to be taken into account: safety, efficiency, route optimization, temperature and humidity of the goods, and many more.

M2M and logistics: A promising combination
M2M (machine-to-machine) communication via mobile networks can make a crucial contribution to successful transport. Here’s how they can be used in the following areas:

  • Fleet management: M2M solutions make it possible to monitor the workforce, fleet locations, and conditions in real time. This improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, and meets regulatory reporting requirements. Get more details in our blog article dedicated to this topic.
  • Public transport management: M2M capabilities enable citizens to access accurate alerts on transport availability and alternative routes.
  • Freight monitoring: Thanks to M2M modules, freight monitoring allows product quality to be documented along the entire supply chain. In transport and logistics, quality assurance on the way from the manufacturer to the customer is key – and this also applies to Euroscan, a specialist for mobile temperature recording devices.

Daily business: Keeping cool with Euroscan
The transport company Euroscan ensures that food transported across Europe arrives well chilled and hence fresh at its final destination. To make sure this is the case, Euroscan must be able to check the temperature in its refrigerated vehicles at any time. An M2M solution from T-Mobile Austria offers seamless monitoring of the cold chain: 1,800 of Euroscan’s temperature recording devices are equipped with SIM cards that continuously send key temperature data to a central platform for real-time monitoring via the mobile network of Deutsche Telekom. Retailers and dispatchers can seamlessly monitor the condition of the goods at every stage of the process, which allows them to respond to problems immediately.

Simple and efficient
The Deutsche Telekom M2M solution was quick and easy to integrate into Euroscan’s systems, as well as solving the key issue of SIM card misuse. In the past, SIM cards were frequently removed to make phone calls abroad. Thanks to the M2M solution and the central administration platform, Euroscan can now monitor the SIM cards and, if necessary, block them or take further steps as appropriate.
The M2M solution has simplified the administrative and monitoring process, making it much more efficient. The vehicles can now be located at any time, while the distance traveled and temperatures in the refrigerated vehicles monitored are delivered in real-time, something which was not possible before. As a result, Euroscan is able to offer better, faster customer service and information, and improve its overall customer communication.

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