Our aim has a history: Deutsche Telekom has been present in the region for a long time fielding its magenta T in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Greece, offering a sizeable product portfolio for fixed, mobile and ICT solutions to local companies. Over the years, we established our fixed and mobile access network. With the acquisition of the telecommunications operator GTS last year, this network has now become even larger.

Based on this, we want to fully meet the needs of business customers in the dynamic markets of Central and Eastern/South-eastern Europe seeking cross-border support: from small and medium-sized enterprises all the way to multinational corporations, government institutions and for the future also other business areas. Regional footprint, local network and a dedication to unique customer experience: we are looking forward to help you drive your business!

Deutsche Telekom in Europe
Deutsche Telekom in Europe


Let’s have a look at some details:

  • Deutsche Telekom’s B2B Europe division also stands for state-of-the-art technology and high end IT security.
  • We are proud to be the first European operator transforming to a superior pan-European all-IP network which will allow our customers to benefit from our new services in different countries even faster and more competitively than today.
  • Based on this, we offer a wide product portfolio consisting of fixed and mobile voice, data transmission, complex virtual private networks, unified communications, cloud, M2M and other ICT services.
  • In doing so, we collaborate with renowned partners such as Microsoft, SAP and Cisco.

We support you to collaborate faster, better, more efficient, future-oriented, cross-national and cross-portfolio. Seamless connectivity and best customer experience is our goal for your business. Deutsche Telekom B2B Europe is your trusted provider for all telco and ICT needs in the region!